Noah’s Spring Water Team of Week: Waterford’s Wildcats dominate in opener behind Mike Vivo’s 4 TDs

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Each week, Black Hat visits a high school to deliver a bounty of Noah’s refreshing Noah's Logospring water and reward the Noah’s Spring Water Team of the Week. We know high school teams receiving the five hefty cases of Noah’s Spring Water — packed in 24-ounce, resealable cans — appreciate the timely delivery, as well.

The Week Zero Team of the Week is the:


Waterford High won a share of the Southern League title in 2012, but the last few years haven’t been as successful: The Wildcats failed to win a league game the last two seasons.

They opened the 2016 with a bang, though, blanking Hiram Johnson of Sacramento 36-0 behind quarterback Mike Vivo – making them the Noah’s Spring Water Team of the Week.

Black Hat Football will be delivering five cases of water in Noah’s 20-ouunce recyclable can with a twist-off cap. It’s great the first time, and you can continue to use it.

Vivo tossed three touchdowns, including throws of 20 and 40 yards to Manuel Alvarez, and had TD runs of 1 and 35 yards. Vivo is a 6-foot, 170-pound sophomore.

In a scheduling quirk, Waterford’s first four games are at home, with Hughson, Mountain House and then the Southern League opener with Le Grand.

Special thanks to Wildcats team photographer Russ Richards for sharing his photos with Black Hat Football from the Aug. 26 game.

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