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Here are the winners for Week 6:  One’s a shy guy, the other’s a proud mom

Julie Moore of Oakdale and a Modesto man who wants to keep his name private tweeted in scores from Sept. 29 games.

Moore contributed scores from the Oakdale Mustangs’ 59-18 victory over the Weston Ranch Cougars.

“I am a director for the Stanislaus County Office of Education, and I am in charge of the adult independent study high school diploma program called Come Back Kids,” says Moore.

“I am also the proud mom of a junior at Oakdale High School who is a three sport athlete — Football/Wrestling/Baseball,” Moore explains. “My husband is the principal at OHS. Supporting their athletic programs brings me great joy. It’s the highlight of my week anytime I get to watch the Mustangs in action!


Our other Fan of the Week tweeted in scores from the Beyer Patriots’ 44-14 victory over the Johansen Vikings.

“I have lots of friends’ kids and families involved in local high school football, and it’s a great atmosphere to go enjoy Friday Night Lights with the kids,” the Modesto man says. “I support Enochs and Johansen — there’s lots of crossover in our little big town.”

Here are the winners for Week 5: One’s from the foothills, one’s from the valley

Nick Quinday of Burson and Mike Pilcher of Stockton tweeted in scores, photos and highlights from Sept. 22 games.

Pilcher tweeted scores and photos from the Stone Ridge Christian Knights’ 28-6 victory over the Brookside Christian Knights.

“Both my boys are Escalon football grads. Go Cougars,” Pilcher says. “I’m following Brookside now because my little cousin — two-way guard #50 Aaron ‘Buddha’ Story — plays there.”

Quinday sent in updates from the Sonora Wildcats’ 59-50 victory over Calaveras.

“I enjoy the excitement of high school football!” Quinday says. “Anything can happen at any moment. Momentum is huge! The atmosphere at Calaveras vs. Sonora is always great! Can’t beat a slugfest in the foothills.”

Here are the winners for Week 4: One’s a QB’s mom, the other’s a former newspaper reporter

Thomas Lawrence of Stockton and Salina Daggett of Ripon tweeted in scores, highlights, photos and videos from Sept. 15 games.

Daggett tweeted in from the Ripon Indians’ 46-0 victory over Modesto’s Davis Spartans.

“Our family are huge football fans, from youth to professional. We have been attending Ripon games since we moved here 17 years ago and now have a player on the high school team,” Daggett says, referring to her son, Ryan. “We are extremely proud of him on and off the field. He wears the hat of quarterback proud!

Thomas Lawrence, the Stockton Record newspaper’s former prep sports writer, tweeted in from the Tokay Tigers’ 58-40 victory over the Chavez Titans.

“High school football is the epitome of the human experience,” says Lawrence. “The mental journey. The physical toil. The cruelly unfair moments that converge with the instances of poetic justice. It’s all you could ever want from sport.”


Here are the winners for Week 3: One is an alumni and other is married to a coach.

Christy Perez of Waterford and Carl Merritt of Fairfield tweeted in scores and highlights for Sept. 8 games.

Perez tweeted in from the Sonora Wildcats’ 48-33 victory over the Ripon Indians.

“My husband, Donovan Perez, is currently the defensive backs, wide receivers, and special teams coach for Sonora High School,” Perez says. “My daughter graduated last year from Oakdale High School where my husband was also the defensive back coach for the state champs before moving on to coach at Sonora this year.”

Perez says: “Nothing better than Friday nights under the lights!”

Merritt tweeted in from Modesto’s Downey Knights’ 61-25 victory over Lodi’s Tokay Tigers.

“I’m a die-hard Downey Knights fan from way back (1970 TDHS grad), but love HS football in general,” Merritt says. “I drive down from the Bay Area every week to see Downey’s games.”

Here are the winners for Week 2: Two men with coaching experience.

Carlos Herrera of Manteca and Will Jones Jr. of Stockton tweeted in scores and videos from Sept. 1 games.

Herrera shared scores and highlights from Manteca’s East Union Lancers’ 47-14 victory over the Ceres Bulldogs.

“I am an alum of East Union. I am now and will always be a Lancer!” Herrera says. “I now work at East Union and retiring from East Union as a coach after 20 years of service!”

Jones tweeted in videos and scores from the Stockton Lincoln Trojans’ 47-40 victory over Turlock’s Pitman Pride.

I am Lincoln High RB Will Jones III’s father, and a former youth football coach of the North Stockton Bengals,” Jones says. “I follow the Lincoln Trojans, but also McNair and other high schools to keep up on the progress of the kids I used to coach.”

Here are the winners for Week 1: Two guys who love the game

Matthew Tate of Manteca and Zack Heryford of Galt tweeted in scores from Aug. 25 games.

Tate provided scoring updates from the Ripon Indians’ 19-7 win over at Manteca’s Sierra Timberwolves.

“I love high school football because it gives student athletes the opportunity to grow from boys into men,” Tate says. “They learn the importance of hard work, sacrifice, and teamwork.”

Heryford tweeted in scores from Brentwood’s Heritage Patriots’ 38-14 victory over Lodi’s Tokay Tigers.

“Since I was very young, I’ve fallowed high school football,” Heryford says. “My grandfather would have me read The (Stockton) Record every Saturday morning, and we would sit and watch Cal high sports.”

His son, Joseph Heryford, is a wide receiver and defensive back for Tokay High.

“It’s amazing to see how the game has changed over the years,” Heryford says.  “Now being able to watch my son is a bonus! I’m not just a fan of him or his team, but all our local athlete’s as well.”


Here are the winners for the first round of playoffs: One is a high school student, and the other is the mother of high school students.

Conor McGill of Hughson and and Fehi T. Kakala of Manteca tweeted in updates from Nov. 18 games.

McGill tweeted in scores, photos and videos from Oakdale Mustangs’ 63-35 victory over Vista del Lago.

“I have a big passion for reporting on football games and love being able to report on football playoff games,” says McGill,  who is a sophomore at Hughson High.  “I report on sporting events for Prep2Prep.”

Kakala tweeted in scores from the Manteca Buffaloes’ 52-0 victory over the Los Banos Tigers.

“I am a proud mother of Manteca High’s #61 defensive linemen for Justin Kakala,” she said.  Her daughter, Loretta Kakala, is a star basketball player for Manteca.

Here are the winners for the first round of playoffs: One is a football game official, and the other’s a baseball coach.

Joe Piombo of Linden and Carlos Maldonado of Modesto tweeted in scores for Nov. 10 and Nov. 11 playoff games.

Maldonado tweeted from the Orestimba Warriors’ 29-28 victory over the Bret Harte Bullfrogs.

“I love the game of football for many reasons, but high school football — those Friday night lights  — there’s nothing else like it,” Maldonado says.

“I coached for 7 years, and now I’m an official in my second year for the NCOA south (Northern California Officials Association, Southern Unit),” he says. “I was at a great game last (Thursday) night on the chain gang, Bret Harte at Orestimba:  What a wild finish, and a great game to watch”

Piombo tweeted in from the Amador Buffaloes’ 48-12 over the Denair Coyotes.

“Some of my fondest memories came from underneath the Friday Night Lights!” Piombo says. “I work at Venture Academy in Stockton and coach the varsity baseball team,” which placed third in its section last year.

“I follow my alma mater the Amador High Thundering Herd,” says Piombo, who also follows the rest of the Mother Lode League and the Valley Oak League.

Here are the winners for Week 10: One is a team assistant, and the other loves the excitement.

Jacob Xavier of Ripon and Charles Priest of Davis tweeted in scores and highlights from Nov. 4 games.

Priest tweeted in from the Manteca Buffaloes’ 22-6 victory over the East Union Lancers.

“I follow East Union,” Priest says. “I played for 4 years there, and I am an assistant for the football team in my spare time. High school football has contributed a lot to my life, and I enjoy giving back.”

Xavier tweeted in throughout the Oakdale Mustangs’ 34-21 victory over the Central Catholic Raiders.

“I like high school football because it so exciting and just so fun to watch,” Xavier says. “Also I enjoy following the Oakdale Mustangs and the Ripon Indians.”

Here are the winners for Week 9:  One has five sons, and the other is responsible for a whole campus of kids

Josh Sarratt of Ripon and Justin Pruett of Newman tweeted in scores, highlights and videos from Oct. 28 games.

Sarratt contributed highlights and videos from the Ripon Indians 34-0 victory over the Hughson Huskies.

“I am the father of five boys,” says Sarratt. “The oldest three play football for the Ripon Indians (two) and Chiefs (one).”

“I avidly follow all the teams in the Central Valley, but Ripon is the primary school I follow,” Sarrat says. “I played football in high school and college, so watching my boys play now and being able to relate to their experiences is awesome.”

Pruett tweeted in updates from the Orestimba Warriors 33-26 victory over the Delhi Hawks.

“Whether it was playing on Friday nights in the 1980s or coaching when I was teaching or being on the sidelines as an administrator, nothing beats the excitement of Friday night in a small town,” says Pruett, who is Orestimba High’ principal.

Here are the winners for Week 8: One’s an Oakdale alum, the other’s a proud St. Mary’s mom

John Titus of Oakdale and Kim Dunniway of Tracy tweeted in scores and highlights from Oct. 21 games.

Titus provided scoring updates and info from the Oakdale Mustangs 36-14 victory over the Weston Ranch Cougars.

Titus said he moved to Oakdale and enrolled in Oakdale High School 32 years ago before his junior year.

“I love watching high school football because these young men are playing the game for the love of it,” Titus says.

Dunniway tweeted in scores from the St. Mary’s Rams 57-21 victory over the Tracy Bulldogs.

“My son plays for the St. Mary’s Rams, quarterback Jake Dunniway #7,” Dunniway says. “It takes a certain type of mom to be a QB mom. Sitting in the stands can be tense at times … as well as exciting.”

She said following the topped-ranked Rams this season has been amazing.

“This team is really close and have big goals ahead. Jake is grateful to have such a strong and talented team behind him, especially as a QB,” Dunniway says. “It’s a collective effort: Everyone has to give 100 percent and be on point to keep this winning train going. I wish them the greatest success this year and hope they can ride this all the way to the State Championships. I’ll be there every step of the way cheering them on!”

Here are the winners for Week 7:  One is a paramedic, and the other coaches wrestling.

Dave Murphy of Turlock and Jonathan Blackwell of Tracy tweeted in scores, photos and highlights from Oct. 14 games.

Murphy tweeted in from the Pitman Pride’s 47-7 victory over the Buhach Colony Thunder game.

“I am a paramedic with AMR, and I do the Friday night standbys in Turlock for Pitman and Turlock High School games,” Murphy says. “I would go to the games anyways, but I get better seats and get paid to be there working. It’s a win win situation.”

Murphy said his son, Ryan, played football for Turlock high, and now he is on the Modesto Junior College Pirates’ offensive line.

Blackwell tweeted in scores and photos from the Tracy Bulldogs’ 58-21 victory over the Tokay Tigers game.  He is Tracy High’s head varsity wrestling coach.

“I follow Tracy High football because many are my wrestlers in the winter,” Blackwell explains. “Also, I coached football at the youth level for many years (no longer coaching football) and had many of the Tracy high kids on my youth teams over the years.”

“I love watching these kids compete and having fun while doing so..” Blackwell says. “Coaching Tracy’s wrestlers keeps me young. As the most successful high school sports program in our little town (Tracy wrestling with 23 masters champions, 4 team title appearances) and then watching Tracy football get to the title game in 2014 has reinvigorated our program for both football and wrestling.”

“I’m living the dream of watching both trying to repeat past success,” Blackwell says. “Plus, hanging out on the sidelines with legends like Tracy High coach Wayne Schneider is fun.”

Here are the winners for Week 6: One is a proud mom, the other coaches cross country

Lisa Stinhilver of Stockton and Matt Groom of Salida tweeted in scores and highlights from Oct. 7 games.

Stinhilver tweeted in during the St. Mary’s Rams’ 65-8 victory over the Tokay Tigers.

“My son plays for St. Mary’s high school — #56, Stiny – starting defensive end,” Stinhilver said. “He’s been playing football since he was 7, and I’ve been his #1 fan!”

Groom tweeted in from the Denair Coyotes 32-0 victory over the Ripon Christian Knights.

“I like high school football because I connect with the local teams more than I would college or pro,” Groom explained. “Also, I like that I can take my son to a game without having to spend a lot of money.”

Groom follows three local football teams: “I follow Denair because I currently coach the cross country team there and I was the assistant coach for the track team last year. I wanted to see some of my runners play. I follow Oakdale because it is my alma mater. And I follow Gregori, because my step-daughter goes to school there.”

Here are the winners for Week 5: One is a teacher, the other an “historian.”

Brian de la Porte of Modesto and Richard Paolinelli of Thousand Oaks tweeted in scores and statistics from Sept. 30 games.

De La Porte tweeted in during the Delhi Hawks’ 18-6 victory over the Gustine Redskins.

“I grew up watching Ceres High School football,” de la Porte said. “I can still remember the ’88 section final game in which CHS lost to Los Banos.”

Currently he follows the Delhi team because “I am a teacher there and have many of the players in my classes.”

Paolinelli tweeted about the Turlock Bulldogs’ 54-0 victory over the El Capitan Gauchos.  He gave the game historical perspective by noting how it was the school’s fifth most-lopsided shutout victory.

“I follow the Turlock schools as I was born in Turlock,” Paolinelli said. “I am the ‘unofficial’ Turlock Football Historian since I wrote “From The Fields: A History Of Prep Football In Turlock, California”

His book is “A narrative account of the near century of high school football played in Turlock.”

Here are the winners for Week 4: One is a JV coach, the other is a JV announcer.

Ted Howze of Stockton and David Moore of Turlock tweeted in scores and highlights from Sept. 23 games.

Howze tweeted in during the St. Mary’s Rams’ 16-55 loss to the St. John Bosco Braves.

“I am a former varsity head coach of Denair High School,” Howze said. Currently he is the defensive and special teams coordinator for St. Mary’s JV team.
“I love football because it teaches life-long lessons about the value of hard work and selfless teamwork,” Howze said.

Moore tweeted in from the Turlock Bulldogs’ 49-27 victory over the Buhach Colony Thunder.

“I have been the Turlock High junior varsity and freshman P. A. announcer for the past 11 years,” Moore said.  He also keeps stats for the varsity team.

“I love the Friday Night Lights and watching the kids and communities come together in support of their school,” Moore said.

Here are the winners for Week 3: Both tweeted from one of the highest-scoring games in California this season.

Charles Pikas of Los Banos and DeVon Hilliard of Merced tweeted in scores and highlights from the 123-point barn burner in Atwater where the Buhach Colony Thunder edged out the Pacheco Panthers 69-54.

Pikas also tweeted from the junior varsity game Friday night.

“I have been a high school football fan since watching the great Wayne Schneider coach Tracy high teams in the 1980s,” Pikas said. “Love our Pacheco Panthers football now. Follow all the local teams because I am a big fan of HS football.”

Hilliard is the founder of Students With Aspiring Goals (SWAG).

“We prepare student athletes for college admission through academics, mentoring, and national exposure,” Hilliard explained. “We have a Game Of The Week every week in which we go support local kids we have ties to. I enjoy HS football because it is an avenue for some of these kids to better their lives.”

Here are the winners for Week Two: One’s a college student, and the other is a youth football coach.

Austin Holt of Modesto and Joe Borba of Ceres tweeted scores and highlights from Sept. 9 games.

Holt tweeted in from the Downey Knight’s 45-15 victory over the Tokay Tigers,

“I’m currently a senior at Menlo College, majoring in Sports Management, Holt said. “I received a football scholarship to play on the team before the school removed the program.”

Holt said he likes to follow all the teams from The 209, but he mainly focuses on Downey.

“It’s where I played (earning honors as an All-Black Hat defensive lineman),” Holt noted. “And it’s where my brother and a lot of kids I watched growing up now play.”

Borba tweeted from the Central Valley Hawks’ 34-7 victory over the Davis Spartans.

“I’ve been coaching youth and high school for for 13 years,” Borba said. “I’m the Varsity Head Coach for the Ceres Seahawks Youth Football Team.”

Borba also coached at Central Valley High, “which is the team I follow closely and where most of my youth players go to! Go Hawks!!”

Here are the winners for Week One: One’s a former youth football coach, and the other is a former high school football coach.

Jeff Martinez of Lodi and Jim Kinsey of Ripon tweeted scores, highlights, videos and photos from Sept. 2 games.

Martinez tweeted from the Tokay Tigers’ 35-21 win over the Bear Creek Bruins.

“After 15 years of coaching high school football, I took time off to watch my son (quarterback Ralph Martinez) play at Tokay High School,” Martinez said.  He said he wants to be there for his son “to help him grow and develop, to be there as a dad and give him advise.”

At Friday’s game, he got to see his son throw a 99-yard TD pass.

“I love this game,” Martinez said. “It’s the greatest sport there is.”

Kinsey tweeted from the Ripon Indians’ 40-0 victory over the Galt Warriors.

Before retiring as a Ripon Christian youth football coach, Kinsey said he had 70-3 winning record and won four championships “because of the talent we had.”

“My twin boys play at Ripon High, Myles and Bryce Kinsey,” he said.

Kinsey also follows many of his former players, including East Union’s Jack Weaver, Central Catholic’s Cole Petlansky, Ripon Christian’s Ty Beidalman, and Jake Beaukelman, and Gregori JV’s Longstreth brothers.

“Any high school coaches looking for an OC in 2017?” Kinsey asked. “Back to coaching when my boys graduate.”

Here are the winners for Week Zero: One’s a former player and the other has been attending games since childhood.

Ken Hess of Turlock and Joseph Silvey of Stockton tweeted game scores and highlights from season opening games Aug. 26.

Hess tweeted details from the Hughson Huskies 27-0 shutout of the Johansen Vikings.

“When I was a kid, my grandfather would pick me up and take me to the Turlock High game every Friday night,” Hess recalls. “Since then, Friday night football has become a part of life.”

These days he follows both the Turlock Bulldogs and the Hughson Huskies, “volunteering time and keeping scores for their programs.”

Silvey tweeted in highlights from the high-scoring Antioch Panthers 67-38 victory over the Lincoln Trojans.

“I like high school football because I used to play and the atmosphere is great,” Silvey explains. “The ups and the downs are what draw my attention the most.”

Silvey follows Lincoln of Stockton “because that is where I played ball.”




Here are the winners for Week 15 (Championship Weekend): Both tweeted great videos from Holy Cow Bowl 2.

Jordan Serpa of Turlock and Kevin Simmons of Stockton tweeted great videos and scoring updates from Modesto’s Central Catholic Raiders’ 21-7 victory over the Oakdale Mustangs to win Sac-Joaquin Section Division 3 championship.

Serpa is the host of the Saturday Morning Quarterback at 9 a.m. on Power Talk show on 1360/1280 AM radio, which covers Sac-Joaquin Section football.

“I’m a high school football fan because I enjoy the competition between student athletes, plus the community involvement supporting local high schools,” Serpa explained.

Simmons is the chief executive officer of Stockton’s Applied Sports Development.  ASD is a community program developed to hep student athletes succeed in the classroom and on the field.  He played basketball in college and professionally.

Here are the winners for Week 14 (Playoffs): One from a Division 1 game, the other from a Division 3 game.

Rob Corralejo of Stockton George Lydy of Modesto tweeted in scores from playoff games in The 209.

Corralejo tweeted in from the Division 1 semifinal between the St. Mary’s Rams and the Folsom Bulldogs. Folsom won that one 56-49.

“I’ve been a fan of high school football for years,” Corralejo said. “My brother David Corralejo is the nose tackle for St. Mary’s High School.  I just love supporting my brother in any way that I can.”

Corralejo said his brother was the only defensive starter to return from last year’s St. Mary’s team, which went to a section playoff game agains Grant High.

“I just love football and the intensity it brings,” Corralejo said. “Go Rams!”

Lydy tweeted in a photo from the Division 3 semifinal between the Oakdale Mustangs and the Inderkum Tigers.  Oakdale won 51-38.

“I am a huge fan because I love seeing young men leave everything on the field under the Friday night lights in the hopes of being a champion,” Lydy said. “Everyone says they want to be a champion, but very few put forth the real effort it takes to become one.”

Here are the winners for Week 13 (Playoffs): One’s the father of two football players, the other’s the mother of two players & a cheerleader.

Jim Kinsey of Ripon and Alicia Hanks of Sonora tweeted in scores from playoff games in The 209.

Hanks tweeted in scores from the Division 5 semifinal game between the Orestimba Warriors and the Sonora Wildcats. Sonora won that 62-7.

“I became a football fan when my oldest (Kane Rodgers) started playing at 8 years old. Now he is 15 and a two-way starter for Sonora High varsity football,” Hanks said.  Her son Kane is a sophomore running back and strong safety.

“My younger son is a seventh grader who plays offensive lineman and defensive lineman for Sonora Youth Football and was chosen for the all star team,” Hanks said. “My fourth-grade daughter has cheered for the Junior Wildcats since kindergarten. Every Friday night and Saturday afternoon in the fall is football, football, football. Go Cats!”

Kinsey tweeted in scores and highlights from the Division 3 quarterfinals between the Christian Brothers Falcons and the  Central Catholic Raiders. The undefeated Raiders won that one 63-0.

“My boys Myles and Bryce Kinsey play football at Ripon High,” Kinsey said. “I coached for the Ripon Christian youth program. I coached some great athletes there: Hunter Petlansky (Central Catholic QB), Jack Weaver (East Union QB), Will Kamps (RC lineman), Travis Zuidavart (RC QB) and many more at RC.”

During his youth coaching years, Kinsey said he won for Super Bowls and had a combined record of 70-3.

“I’m not coaching now, just enjoying watching my boys and the others I’ve coached,” Kinsey said.

Here are the winners for Week 12 (Playoffs): One from a Division 1 game, the other from a Division 3 game.

Rob Corralejo of Stockton and George Lydy of Modesto  tweeted in scores and photos during playoff games in The 209.

Corralejo tweeted from Folsom during the Division 1 semifinal game between the St. Mary’s Rams and the Folsom Bulldogs.  Folson won 56-49.

“I’ve been a fan of high school football for years,” Corralejo said. “My brother David Corralejo is the nose tackle for St. Mary’s High School.  I just love supporting my brother in any way that I can.”

“(David) was the only defensive starter back from last year’s Saint Mary’s team, which went to sections last year vs Grant,” Corralejo said. “I just love football and the intensity it brings! Go Rams!”

Lydy tweeted a photo from the Division 3 semifinal between the Inderkum Tigers and the Oakdale Mustangs.  Oakdale won 51-38.

“I am a huge fan because I love seeing young men leave everything on the field under the Friday night lights in the hopes of being a champion,” Lydy said.

Here are the winners for Week 11 (Playoffs):  One is a proud dad of a football player, the other is proud father of three daughters.

Roy Harwell III of Stockton and someone who tweets under the name Tom Boster of Oakdale tweeted in lots of scoring details and highlights from playoff games in The 209.

Harwell tweeted in details about 11 scores from the St. Mary’s Rams 63-35 victory over the Stagg Delta Kings in Division1. His son, Roy Harwell IV, is a starting linebacker for St.Mary’s.

“He has played his entire senior year as a 16 year old,” Harwell said. “He is the league’s leading tackler at outside linebacker and is third overall tackler at all positions!”

That explains Harwell’s enthusiasm for high school football: “Love the game. Love the blogs/tweets. Keep up the good work. The kids need to hear it!”

Boster sent 14 detailed tweets about scores from the Oakdale Mustangs’ 63-33 victory over the El Dorado Cougars.

Boster has three daughters who are attending or have graduated from Oakdale High, and he is a longtime Mustang football fan.

Here are the winners for Week 10: One is an offensive coordinator, and the other is the mother of offensive lineman.

Anthony DeJager of Merced and Irene B. Kennedy of Modesto tweeted in game scores and details.

Kennedy tweet about the Downey Knights’  victory over the Gregori Jaguars.

“I’ve always liked football,” Kennedy said.  “I especially love Friday night lights and the excitement of seeing high school kids from our community — some that have grown up around me and with my own boys — competing in a sport they love.”

Kennedy, a former Stanislaus County paramedic, has two sons who play on the offensive line. Peter plays for Downey and Andrew plays for the Modesto Rams in youth league football.

“It’s exciting to watch them grow and mature in a family environment with other boys they’ve met through football,” Kennedy explained. “The camaraderie found among high school football is like none other. For my boys at least, it is like having an extended family. The friendships formed among the athletes extends out to parents, that become and remained friends through community-based sports like football.”

DeJager tweeted in the final score from the Stone Ridge Christian Knights’ victory over the Brookside Christian Knights.  He is the offensive coordinator for Stone Ridge.

“I’m a fan of high school football because the players are dear to me,” DeJager shared. “They are growing and learning about life and sport and competition and self. They are vulnerable even though they wear pads – and they are courageous for putting themselves on the line mentally and emotionally.”

DeJager said he is glad he “can be a supporter of our small group of young men.”

Here are the winners for Week 9: One is a former college basketball player, and one is a college football player now.

Anthony De La Hoya of Merced and Anthony Baciocco of Ripon tweeted in scores and videos.

Baciocco was at the Escalon Cougars-Ripon Indians game in the Trans-Valley League.  He tweeted in a video of Ripon RB Jacob Duxbury making a one-handed, title-cliching, buzzer-beating TD catch.

Baciocco is playing football this season for the Modesto Junior College Pirates, but he still enjoys attending high school football games.

“The atmosphere myself and the other fans experience under the lights on Fridays is what makes the games so special,” Baciocco said.

De La Hoya tweeted in scores and stats from the Ceres Bulldogs-El Capitan Gauchos game.  He played football and basketball for the Atwater Falcons before graduating in 2014.

De La Hoya went on to play basketball at William Jessup University.

” I enjoy high school football because there’s so much love for the game,” De La Hoya said. “Being on the sideline really brings out the passion. I have for it especially now since I’m not playing.”

Here are the winners for Week 8: One tweeted in a touchdown video, and the other tweeted in multiple touchdown videos.

Jobie Torres of Manteca and Marco Gonzales of Lathrop tweeted in short game videos taken with their cell phones.

Torres was at the Ripon Indians game against the Modesto Christian Crusaders, which Ripon won 49-14.

“I’m a mother of two boys who have attended Ripon High: Michael Ysit #44, who graduated in 2014, and my youngest, Matthew Ysit #52, who graduates in 2016,” Torres explained.

“I’ve always been and always will be their biggest fan, and I have enjoyed rooting them all through their high school years,” she said. “I’m going to miss it. But they have done a great job, and I couldn’t be more proud of them both!”

Gonzales’ twitter account sent in multiple action videos from the Kimball Jaguars game with the East Union Lancers, which the Jaguars won 20-19 in overtime.

“My mom tweets the videos because she records everything I do,” explained Gonzales, who joined East Union’s football team this year as a kicker.  “My friends and the football coach convinced me to come out and kick, and I am having the best time of my life.”

Here are the winners for Week 7: One is a high school student, and the other is the mom of a high school student.

Judy Husary of Tracy and Ezrianna Salas of Modesto tweeted in scores, photos and videos from Oct. 16 games in The 209.

Husary tweeted in a great video and scoring highlights from the West Wolfpack’s overtime battle against the Lincoln Trojans.

“My son, A.J. Husary, played at St. Mary’s High for three years before transferring to West this year,” she explained. This mom is a big football fan who follows Black Hat Football to keep up with what’s happening in The 209.

Speaking of Black Hat Football, Salas tweeted in a photo of The Hat himself on field just before the Central Catholic Raiders vs Manteca Buffaloes game in Manteca.

“I am a huge fan of high school football, not only because of our amazing Raiders team at Central but also because my family has been huge in football for years!” Salas said.

Here are the winners for Week 6: One is a principal’s wife, and the other is a high school student.

Julie Moore of Oakdale and Donovan Escobar of Modesto tweeted in scores, highlights and videos from Oct. 9 games in The 209.

Moore tweeted scores and short videos of big plays during the Oakale Mustangs’ 49-Yogurt Mill logo 14 victory over the Lathrop Spartans. She is married to Oakdale High School’s Principal Mike Moore, and their son, Max, is on the Mustang’s freshman football team.

“I truly admire and appreciate all the hard work and dedication that the athletes and coaches put into high school football,” she explained. “Oakdale’s Coach Trent Merzon has created a climate and expectation of hard work paying off with success, and I simply love that philosophy.”

Besides being a big Mustang booster, Moore is in charge of a Stanislaus County charter school for adults called Come Back Kids.

“This is a wonderful charter school for adults that gives them the opportunity to earn a high school diploma,” Moore said. “ I feel blessed to be a part of such a wonderful and positive program.”

Escobar tweeted in scores from the Beyer Patriots’ 34-7 victory over the Enochs Eagles, in a game known in Modesto as the Sylvan Avenue Bowl.

“I’m a senior at Enochs High School, and I love watching sports,” Donovan said. “I’m very passionate about sports. I love watching high school football because you see the players having fun and trying their best to get a scholarship to a university.”

Here are the winners for Week 5: One is a stadium announcer, and the other is a public school administrator.

Jeffrey Brown of Ceres and Jessie Ceja of Turlock tweeted in scores, highlights and video clips from Oct. 2 games.

Brown tweeted out short touchdown videos and scoring updatYogur mill t-Mill-300×285-1es for Central Valley Hawks vs. Patterson Tigers game, which the Tigers won 42-26.

When the Hawks play at home in Ceres, Brown is the stadium’s public address announcer. But this week he put his video skills to work since the game was in Patterson.

“I grew up in Oklahoma, so being a fan of high school football is sort of in my blood,” Brown explains. “I spent many a Friday night traveling to games, looking for the stadium lights as we entered town.”

Brown said he enjoys “the heart and effort these kids put into playing the game. I also like the fans in the stands as they cheer for their classmates and children on the field. I wish more people would come out and support all these kids: players, cheerleaders, dance teams, and the band. They work hard all week to put on a Friday night show!”

Ceja tweeted in scores from the Orestimba Warriors’ 49-6 victory over the Delhi Hawks. He is a former high school football player who now is the coordinator of educational services for the Ceres Unified School District.

He brings his elementary school-age sons with him to football games, and Black Hat Football appreciates him keeping the public updated through his detailed tweets.

Here are the winners for Week 4: One is a high school administrator, and the other earned a degree in sports management.

Justin Pruett of Newman and Scott Lundell of Hughson tweeted in scores and highlights from Sept. 25 games.

Pruett tweeted highlights from the high-scoring Orestimba Warriors battle against the Ripon Christian Knights, which the Warriors won 49-43.

“I am the principal at Orestimba,” Pruett explain. “This is the first year in the last five years that I do not have a son playing high school football. High school football is something my two sons and I have always enjoyed. Nothing beats a small town on a Friday night.”

Lundell provided very detailed tweets from the Hughson Huskies 38-0 rout of the Liberty Ranch Hawks. Scott was among the first guys to ever tweet scores to Black Hat Football, and he won Fan of the Week honors back in September 2013.

“Yeah, I’m still tweeting about football,” said Lundell, who graduated from Hughson High in 2010. He since has earned a sports management degree form Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. While he didn’t play the game himself, Lundell said he was the Huskies program assistant. He fixed equipment, ran the scoreboard and kept score when needed.

“I love Friday night lights and coming back and cheering on the Huskies, whether it be working on the sidelines or being in the stands,” Lundell said.

Here are the winners for Week 3: One is a loyal alum, and the other’s a supportive mom.
Dr. Carl F. Merritt of Fairfield and Jennifer Buck of Hilmar tweeted in scores and highlights from Sept. 18 games.

Merritt kept up with all the action during the tight game between Stockton’s Lincoln Trojans and Modesto’s Downey Knights. Lincoln won that one 34-29.

“I got hooked on high school football as a student at Downey High,” said Merritt, who graduated in 1970 and went on to become a doctor of clinical pharmacy.  During his four years at Downey, he said he attended all 40 games. He has been a loyal fan since, attending seven or more games each year for the last four decades.

“It’s very gratifying to see the turn around in Downey football, for which Coach Jeremy Plaa is responsible,” Merritt said. “I see the Knights representing the Modesto Metro Conference very respectably in the playoffs in this and upcoming seasons.”

Buck tweeted in scores from the Hilmar Yellowjackets’  47-12 victory over Stockton’s Brookside Christian Knights.

She has two sons playing football for Hilmar this year, freshman Logan Peres and junior Kelby Peres, who Beck said is a starting cornerback on the varsity. Her boys also are wrestlers.

“I am my boys’ and their teammates’ biggest fan,” Beck assured. “I cheer loud and proud for them regardless of the score until the final buzzer. You can always find me sitting in the ‘quiet section’ at every game with all the other awesome Hilmar moms!”

Here are the winners for Week 2: One is a former coach, and the other’s a trumpet player.

Eric Mello of Hughson and Dave Livingston of Ceres tweeted in scores and highlights from Sept. 11 games.

Mello provided detailed tweets from the Hughson Huskies’ 50-27 victory over the Ceres Bulldogs.

“I love high school football. Friday nights light just brings towns together,” Mello said. “Look at what happens in small towns across America. Towns literally shut down to meet and cheer on legacies, not just teams but the true spirit Americana.”

For Mello, small-town football is “where all the hard work, sweat, tears and dedication becomes reality.” While these days he watches his daughter cheer at Hughson games, Mello previously coached for six years at Johansen High. He also has been president of Hughson youth football and cheer for three years.

Livingston tweeted in scores and highlights from the Calaveras Redskins’ 38-25 win over the Modesto Christian Crusaders.  He is known as one of the region’s best trumpet players.

“I like high school football because it’s fun to watch,” Livingston explained. “I live right behind the football field at Ceres High, so I can just walk around the block to get to the game. I also help out at Modesto Christian home games by playing in the band.”

Week 1 Yogurt Mill Fans of the Week: One’s a referee in rehab, and the other coaches freshman football

Bryan Crawford of Modesto and Mike Wright of Escalon tweeted in scores and highlights from Sept. 4 games.

Wright kept Black Hat Football followers up on what was happening during the Escalon Cougars-Calaveras Redskins game, which the Cougars won 14-6.

Wright has been coaching Escalon’s freshman football team for the last 8 seasons.

“I played in high school and can admit that I am a better coach than player lol,” Wright quipped. “It’s great to see these kids work hard, not for a million bucks but to make their family, school and town proud. There is a purity in the game that gets lost in college and the pros, and I think that some times they need to remember how great it was to play under the Friday night lights.”

Crawford tweeted from the Pitman Pride-Lincoln Trojans gams in Turlock, which the pride won 14-0. Like Wright, Crawford is used to being on the turf during games.

“I am a Northern California Officials Association referee (for 12 years), but I took a year off to rehab my knee,” said Crawford, who hopes to be back running with the zebras soon. “I love high school football.”

Week Zero Yogurt Mill Fans of the Week: One’s an injured athlete, the other a father of five

Josh Sarratt of Ripon and Brian Spears of Modesto tweeted lots of scoring updates and photos during Aug. 28 games.

Sarratt shared what was happening during the Ripon Indians’ 34-20 upset victory over Manteca’s Sierra Timberwolves. He has five sons, the oldest of which are twins — Aaron Paschini and Nic Paschini10 — who play football and basketball at Ripon High.

Sarratt also is Ripon’s junior varsity head basketball coach, co-founder of the Ripon Warriors Amateur Athletic Union basketball program and coach on the Ripon Chiefs youth football program.

Brian Spears tweeted from the sidelines during the Gregori Jaguars’s 27-18 victory over Stockton’s Chavez Titans. He would have preferred being in the game rather than just tweeting about it.

“I’m a high school football fan just for right now,” Spears explained. “I suffered an ACL tear and multiple other torn ligaments last October, so I’m just rooting for my teammates until I get to go back on the field with them!”